La Bonne Graine | École d'Ammeublement de Paris

— Premises for our workshops

The President of our association, Jérôme Theveny, is also the Managing Director of the La Bonne Graine training centre for apprentices. His help in making several rooms available in the establishment enables us to provide weekly FLE or alpha workshops and hosts us for meetings as well as large events.

City of Paris

— Support in our development

The City of Paris is one of our main supporters, thanks to annual subsidies and the provision of numerous premises in several districts of Paris. Classrooms are loaned to municipal schools and the City of Paris’ animation centres: Paris Anim’, maisons des associations

Prefecture of Paris

— Programmes creation

The State, through the Prefecture of Paris and Greater Paris Area supports us through subsidies based on our actions towards the public.

Aurore Organisation

— Prescribing partner

At the request of the Paris and Ile-de-France prefecture, Aurore receives us in a day centre for statutory refugees where we perform training in relation to their local social workers who help beneficiaries in their search for employment and housing.

Le Bon Hibou

— Organized collections

Throughout France, the Bon Hibou has organised collections for us in piggy banks bearing their effigy, which they deposit here and there at support meetings.

EY & Monoprix Foundation

— Marathon Day

With the support of the MONOPRIX Foundation, PRO BONO LAB organised a day of “brainstorming” on their premises in La Défense. 12 EY executives worked alongside us for a whole day to share their management and communication skills with us.

BNP Paribas & Allianz

— Skill patronage

The BNP PARIBAS and then ALLIANZ groups have been financing skill-based sponsorship missions over the last 3 years by providing us with a manager on our premises.

Les Amis du Bus des Femmes

— Workshops creation

As an historical partner, it was with the association Les Amis du Bus des Femmes that the first workshops were launched.

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