Based in the heart of the multicultural 18th arrondissement in the North East of Paris, Atouts Cours offers linguistic courses to aid social and professional integration in France.


Basic readingand writing skills

3 x 2 hours, from Monday to Friday

French as a foreign language

French lessonsat all levels

3 x 2 hours, from Monday to Friday

Writers available for the public

Help with CVs, cover letters, job offers, etc.

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

weekly workshops

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The beneficiaries at Atouts Cours come from all over the world. Everyone shares the same goal: to develop a good command of French in order to access the job market. All our teachers are volunteers, and here to help.




Reading and writing workshops for beginners

  • Understand the alphabet
  • – Developing the foundations needed for reading and writing


French as a foreign language

Teaching French to those who have mastered basic reading and writing skills

  • Teaching grammar and expanding vocabulary
  • Conversation practice and creating real life situations
  • Culture and history: understanding the French way of life

Language Lessons Job Finders (LLJF)

Learn French to find its way into the French job market

Including 20 hours of classes in 1 week (4 heures x 5 jours)

  • Work on your job project & how to present it
  • How to read a job form & look for the appropriate job offers
  • Understand your employment contract, pay sheet, company rules, sick leaves
  • How to inform your colleague or manager about you being late or absence
  • How to give instructions to a colleague
  • Fill out a planning form
  • How to read pictograms about hygiene and security

In order to meet our learners needs better we now organise “LLJF” in the fields of construction, restaurant & hotel business and computer training.


Introduction to the art world

Cultural visits and artistic activities

  • Visits to museums, concerts, etc.
  • Drama workshops
  • Singing workshops


Writers available for the public

Help with administrative tasks

  • E-mails, correspondence and personal letters
  • Administration

Without appointment (on a first come first served basis):

  • Tuesday: from 9am to 12pm at Atouts Cours
  • Thursday: at the CASVP of the 15e arrondissement, from 9am to 12pm. Address: 14, rue Albert Moisant 75015 (métro: gare Montparnasse)
  • Thursday: at the CASVP of the 15e arrondissement from 14pm à 17pm. Address: 3, Place Adolphe Chérioux 75015 (métro: Vaugirard)
  • Friday: at CASVP of the 18e arrondissement from 13pm to 16pm. Address: 49, rue Marx Dormoy 75018 (métro: Marx Dormoy or La Chapelle)

Watch out in the 15e arrondissement! There are 2 addresses because of 2 different CASVP.


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